City of Santa Clara ARES/RACES

Activation Numbers, 2015

The activation code for the City of Santa Clara RACES is of the form SNC-YY-xx where yy is the last two digits of the year and the xx is the  number assigned by the city for the event. Training events are indicated with a -T suffix.


Activation Number Event Date
SNC-15-01-T Santa Clara Easter Egg Hunt Apr 4, 2015
SNC-15-02-T Santa Clara Fourth of July Fireworks Jul 04, 2015
SNC-15-03-T Santa Clara National Night Out (NNO) Events and Net Aug 04, 2015
SNC-15-04-T Santa Clara Arts & Wine Festival Day 1 Sep 19, 2015
SNC-15-05-T Santa Clara Arts & Wine Festival Day 2 Sep 20, 2015
City / County Quarterly Drill October  2015


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