City of Santa Clara
2013.3 Net Control Script


This is <first name>, <callsign>, net control for the City of Santa Clara Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service net. Before I proceed, is there any emergency or priority traffic?


Remember, this net may be broken at any time for emergency traffic. This net meets every Tuesday night at 1930 hours.


Are there any announcements that need to be made before the station roll call begins ?

 [Wait for callsigns of people wishing to make announcement and then call in order]

Station roll call follows. May I get a volunteer to keep count of tonights check-ins. Is there

a volunteer?

[Wait for a volunteer to respond]


Thank you  <volunteer Callsign>.    All stations, please listen for weak stations and relay if not acknowledged.

[For each group of calls that follow PAUSE for check-ins. Write down call signs.]

[Read the check-ins back to confirm and get corrections and additions.]


All stations, with suffixes Alpha through Echo, please check-in now.

[Examples – WA6BTP,  KD6DIF, KF6EMB, etc]


All stations, with suffixes Alpha through Lima, please check-in now.

[Examples – KI6FPZ, KI6HFU, W6HOC, N6IL, etc]


All stations, with suffixes Alpha through Romeo, please check-in now.

[Examples – N6OSK, KF6OTD, WA6QYS, etc]


All stations, with suffixes Alpha through Zulu, please check-in now.

[Examples – KG6SBN, KJ9U, KA6WRL, etc]


All stations, including any visitors or folks new to this net,  please check in now.

[Wait for visitors if any and write in to the visitor rows on the roster]


Are there any other announcements at this time or any requests to repeat an earlier announcement ?

[Wait for callsigns of people wishing to make announcement and then call in order]


Are there any requests for traffic after the net?

[Wait for requests and attempt to confirm the request]


Are there any late or missed check-ins?

[Wait for any late or missing check-ins]


Is there any further business for the net?

[Wait for any requests]


There were a total of  ___  check ins tonight. Does <callsign of count volunteer> agree?

[PAUSE for confirmation or correction]


All members are encouraged to be net control from time to time as part of our training to work together as a group. Is there a volunteer for next week's net control operator ?

        [PAUSE for a volunteer. If someone responds then acknowledge them]

Acknowledging that <callsign of next weeks operator> will be next week's net control operator.


All stations, please tune to the AA6BT repeater, 146.115 MHz, positive offset, PL of 100hz, for the Silicon Valley Emergency Communications System net at 2000 hours and the training net at 2030 hours. This is <your name>, <your callsign> thanking all who checked in and closing the Santa Clara RACES net at  <the current time – usually 1945>  hours.

[NET CONTROL OPERATOR - please remember to check in to the SVECS net and provide our city count]